¡La educación que soñamos!

Echeyde School’s ideology tries to educate children according to Spanish and European regulations and laws, this is to say, it is everybody’s right to receive an education. For that reason we put all our effort providing the necessary tools in order to achieve this goal. Our first aim is to offer multiple educational options to develop youngsters’ personality, to teach basic respect to democratic principles and to promote among the students their rights and freedoms. We teach from the first years of a child life and we also try to improve students’ intellectual skills and working habits in order to help them in their future careers.



Echeyde school analyses the current social life. We promote the knowledge on nature and History of Canary Islands region, but we also put emphasis on a general and international knowledge.

We have also found interesting to develop the participation of all groups related to the students’ education (state administrations, parents, teachers, former students…), because we believe a common effort is the only mean to reach our goals.


Teaching ideology

  • We teach every single student no matter his/her religious belief, economical status, social class, ethnic origin or family’s ideology.
  • We respect every student pace and we evaluate the student not only because of his theoretical knowledge but also taking into consideration his/her skills development
  • Echeyde school’s facilities create a peace atmosphere to help the learning process..
  • We promote the development of the responsibility and the critical capacity of the student.
  • We communicate the importance of the physical, artistic and sport activity as part of the students studies.
  • We auto-evaluate our teaching activity to analyse if we follow an appropriate way and to check if our service improves according to current social evolution.

Teaching program

Echeyde School provides the teaching staff, facilities and the necessary tools for the students learning process. At the moment, from the very primary education to 4th Year of the E.S.O. (that is to say, all Compulsory Education period), approximately 4,000 students helped by about 200 teacher receive education in our schools. This work is compensated by the high number of annual degrees, more than 80% of the students are able to get their degrees to continue with their further education.

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